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Helen Livingstone, from Bath, started her British handcrafted gifts business, Bees Blossom, earlier this year to raise awareness of the demise of pollinators, such as bees and butterflies.

In doing so, she aims to use the business to raise money for UK charities supporting the conservation of bees and butterflies.

Mrs Livingstone intends to donate 10% of her profits to a British charity that promotes the creation of habitats for bees and 10% to a charity dedicated to preserving butterflies.

Addressing the matter, she said: “When I was little, I remember lounging around in the garden, watching the butterflies and bees flitting about. I realised recently that they just aren’t really around that much anymore.”

“It’s not surprising when you find out that 97% of British wildflower meadows have been lost in less than 80 years.”

Besides doing her bit for bees, Mrs Livingstone also has a keen interest in using her business to promote the work of talented British artisans and protect the environment by only selling homewares and natural skincare produced in the UK.

She said: “I want to find ways to minimise the damage to the planet by using the smallest amount of packaging possible and by choosing suppliers who are also eco-friendly.”

“That way my customers can buy gifts without feeling guilty about it.”

Bees Blossom sell a wide variety of gifts, ranging from honey chocolates to eco-friendly birthday cards, which are produced by suppliers from all over the UK.

Appropriately, the majority of the products sold on their new website, such as the Bee Happy Hand Balm and the Organic Beeswax Wraps, acknowledge the founder’s beloved bees.

Aside from your usual gifts, Bees Blossom also sells a collection of bee-inspired homeware items, including mugs, vases and glow pots.

Jewellery, however, is where the business looks to stand out from the competition, by offering an array of neatly crafted pieces, like the Gold Bee Earrings.

These gifts, along with the Bumble Bee Card, offer a good representation of what Mrs Livingstone is aiming to achieve with her new venture.

More information about Bees Blossom and its products can be found on their website:

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