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With this in mind, Bazar has recently launched an app for the benefit of both ethical products buyers and sellers. Fin Cope is the founder of Bazar, we caught up with Fin to discuss the launch of the Bazar ethical consumer app.

We asked Fin, “So what was the rationale behind Bazar launching their ethical marketplace app?” Fin replied “Bazar is one of a new breed of shopping apps, which are belief-driven. Our app will be adopted by morally and ethically conscious consumers. These consumers like us will immediately believe in the principles behind the app, which are the adoption of conscious consumer buying through ethical online shopping.”

We went on to ask, “Who is the Bazar marketplace app targeted at?” Fin replied, “Anyone who uses a mobile device! Our main aim is to create a platform where the conscious consumer can search for any ethical or pre-loved, upcycled products and buy them with ease through the app, a service that is not currently available to them. We also feel it’s really important to allow sellers to be able to educate and inform customers of the great range of ethical products out there. The badges and forum allow this interaction between sellers and buyers. Bazar will encourage and highlight micro sellers and pro sellers who trade in ethical, eco and sustainable products. It’s a great space for everyone to join in to buy and sell ethical or pre-loved and upcycled products.”

To give a flavour to readers of what is available within the Bazar marketplace app, there are a range of ethical, pre-loved, upcycled, and sustainable products including (but not limited to) – biodegradable, vegan, organic, cruelty free, recyclable, fair wear, natural label, plant-based, antiques, art, baby and parenting, books and magazines, crafts, hobbies and collectables, electric vehicles, electronics, fashion, food and beverages, health and fitness, home and garden, jewellery, office and offers and promotions.

Fin went on to say, "Everybody in the Bazar community benefits. For buyers, they will have access to a large number of high-quality ethical products, at competitive prices, with verified credentials all of which are available at their fingertips. For sellers, they will access a rich source of new potential customers through a new trading platform, which can act as an alternative to their own website. Bazar engages with buyers directly and takes advantage of the platform’s unique direct interaction with customers on a human level. The App has been designed with users in mind and has lots of rich functionality, which will benefit both buyers and sellers.”

The rich inbuilt functionality, Fin refers to is listed below:

  • Advanced search and filtering – there are many products, so advanced searching, and filtering through numerous methods, simplifies finding the perfect product
  • Adverts and pop-up free – the app is free from any advertising and pop-ups
  • Automated notifications – the app notifies users of important events (e.g. order dispatched, new followers and votes)
  • Accreditations – are visible in the form of badges and eco-labels for applicable sellers. Example accreditations include cruelty-free, organic, eco-friendly, vegan, sustainable, etc.
  • Instant chat – talk to other users in real-time, through encrypted instant chat
  • Product information – comprehensive information about products, detailed descriptions and images
  • Discussion forum – users can join in existing or start new discussion threads
  • Feeds – useful intuitive feeds suggest products, show products of followed brands and also display currently trending products
  • Order management – slick and easy order management, for both current and historical orders
  • Payment integration – the App allows payment by PayPal and Stripe
  • Pro-Sellers Dashboard – for pro-sellers, all functionality is available on one screen, enabling smooth and easy management
  • Questions & answers – Ask questions and respond to other users’ questions with answers
  • Security features – designed with security in mind, by App design experts. Inbuilt hacker and malware protection and peace of mind for users
  • Sellers profile – view statistics, ratings and reviews of a seller and individual products
  • Support – all users can benefit from access to timely Bazar support and dispute escalation
  • Storefront – each seller has a unique store to market their products

About Bazar

Bazar is a new ethical shopping app to the marketplace. Pre-registrations for sellers are welcomed by visiting Registering for the app takes just a few minutes and users will be able to download the app, once it is launched in July 2019. The app will be available to download from both Google Play as well as the Apple Appstore. Sellers can also register to become a Pro-seller and gain access to features such as the Seller Dashboard.

Bazar is the inspiration of family members Alix and Finley Cope who saw an opportunity to launch a marketplace app, which connected buyers with sellers and in doing so formed a community for ethical life products.

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