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Online job board Zoek are giving job seekers the opportunity to have their CV launched into space!

With new jobs in demand due to the pandemic, the competition aims to give job seekers a creative way to get noticed by employers in celebration of Star Wars Day on 4 May.  

The competition, which runs from now until Friday 9 April, will see three lucky winners receive a professional CV rewrite from employment support company TopCV. The CVs will be displayed on a screen and filmed travelling into space by Sent Into Space, lifted using a massive hydrogen balloon to heights exceeding 100,000 feet.

Onboard the launch vehicle, a flight computer will provide live positional data to the team to track the craft through its journey. Once it has reached a visually stunning altitude, the engineers will remotely burst the balloon, bringing the craft back down to Earth. On May the fourth (known as Star Wars Day because of its similarity to the iconic phrase "may the force be with you") Zoek will share video footage of the winners' CVs in space with employers and recruiters nationwide. 

Zoek's managing director, Diana Campbell, said: "We are known for doing things differently when it comes to matching candidates with roles, and for the high-profile ways we've helped people find work in the past. Our intelligent job-matching service, which automatically reads candidate CVs and notifies them of opportunities that suit them, is a huge improvement to the traditional job search journey, and impactful events like this highlight how important it is to stand out amongst the crowd."

This is not the first time Zoek has gone above and beyond to help a candidate get noticed and find work. Last year, it ran a competition for people made redundant due to Covid-19. Winner James Pemblington had his CV placed on the back of a truck travelling up and down the country. Within 48 hours of the campaign going live, James successfully found a new job.

Dr Chris Rose from Sent Into Space said: "Using space to help someone find their next job is exactly the kind of stunt we love. We're big believers in lifelong education and pursuing an unusual route into your career. Competition winners will receive a £200 voucher to pay for online skills courses from providers like Udemy and Hubspot, so they can gain new skills and qualifications as well as a visibility boost. We can't wait to share the results from the space flight on May the Fourth."

You can find out more about the competition here:

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