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January 2013, Snozone Milton Keynes and Castleford. January is the time when everyone has their best intentions to get in shape which generally means joining a gym (again!) and proudly announcing that 'this is the year!'

Unfortunately, a couple of weeks in, many people are back to their old ways, accepting the fact they don’t, or never had, enjoyed the feeling of being in such close proximity to other sweaty humans, forcing themselves through a premeditated regime and ultimately getting nowhere.  So, if a few weeks into the year, the gym is already beginning to feel like a chore, then maybe it’s time to try something different.

Many skiers and boarders prepare for a week on the slopes with a fitness programme to get the most out of their trip with fitness experts claiming you can lose up to five pounds during a week’s winter holiday, burning thousands of calories every day[1]. So why restrict this fantastically fun way of working out to your skiing holiday alone?

This January, Snozone in Milton Keynes and Castleford want to shake up the way you feel about exercise, and put the fun back into fitness. Exercise is integral to our wellbeing, and raising your heart rate during an hour on the slope will get those endorphins going, resulting in a natural feeling of happiness.

Elena Kale, Group Commercial Manager at Snozone, says: "Most people don’t realise that an hour on the slope offers a great workout which can be much more rewarding than an hour at the gym. Whether our customers want to come along to prepare themselves before their trip to get their ‘ski legs’, or want to use Snozone in place of their regular gym for an active leisure experience, we have something for all ages and abilities."

As well as being a great way to exercise and get the heart rate up, the benefits don’t stop there. Regularly spending an hour on the slopes will raise your energy levels, help to regulate your sleep and will keep you more focused in your day-to-day lives[2].

Health and fitness facts about skiing and snowboarding:

1 hour burns over 300 calories
It gives a full body workout
It improves balance, flexibility, agility and leg and core strength
It’s great fun so you don’t even feel like you are exercising
The exhilaration of skiing is great for mental health and wellbeing
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