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Nowadays, social media has a major impact on businesses when it comes to sales and business growth. In fact, research reveals that 74 percent of consumers admit they rely on social media when making purchase decisions. 50 percent of shoppers make a purchase based on recommendations through a social media network. Ben Lambert, Managing Director of Strategic Five Marketing, points out that businesses must make an effort and build a social media audience to reach consumers and raise brand awareness. “Social media is used for advertising and customer recommendations. A great online presence ensures that a brand becomes visible to consumers. It is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to represent themselves to a wide audience.” Ben Lambert adds: “Social media is something no business can ignore.”

About Strategic Five Marketing:

Strategic Five Marketing says that there is a variety of social media channels out there and it is important for businesses to ensure their marketing messages and the way they choose to represent their brand are consistent throughout. Ben Lambert provides his top six tips for businesses on how to build a social media audience:

1. Create a strong social media profile

In order to grow a social media audience, it is crucial to create a strong and professional online profile. This requires branded cover and profile photos and completing the relevant details about the business, such as a short and impactful description of the business, contact details and website link.

2. Share quality content

Ben Lambert of Strategic Five Marketing recommends that before getting started, businesses should share around ten updates to a specific target audience, such as infographics, blog content, podcasts, videos or presentations about the business.

3. Use hashtags

Research shows that 120,000 tweets are sent every second. On Instagram, over five million images are uploaded daily. “The figures speak for themselves,” says Ben Lambert of Strategic Five Marketing. Using hashtags helps businesses to ensure that users receive information about a specific topic. “People interested in the topic can see the information posted and are then more likely to follow you,” explains Ben Lambert of Strategic Five Marketing.

4. Follow others

By following others on Instagram and Twitter for example, other users are notified. The growing audience is likely to get engaged and comment on or share photos or contributions posted. It is worth using this tip, finds Ben Lambert. Statistics reveal that more than 50 percent of people recommend companies and their products on Twitter.

5. ‘Like’ and follow other pages on Facebook and LinkedIn

“It is useful to ‘like’ and follow pages where your target audience is engaged,” explains Ben Lambert of Strategic Five Marketing. “This allows you to raise awareness of your own brand and start communicating with them.” Facebook is an important social media tool. In fact, 56 percent of people log on to Facebook on a daily basis and over half of Facebook users are more likely to purchase products from brands they follow online.

6. Add links to social media pages to email signatures

In order to increase a firm’s online audience, Strategic Five Marketing recommends linking social media accounts with the company’s email signature, so clients and consumers can click on the icons to follow the brand online and make recommendations, which is seen by potential customers.

Based in Newcastle, Strategic Five Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing company that raises brand awareness on behalf of their clients and focuses on increasing sales and revenue. Strategic Five Marketing consults their clients through the process and ensures that an effective marketing strategy is in place, which is consistently communicated throughout all channels. “We help our clients increase their sales and brand awareness. By meeting with consumers on a face-to-face basis, we can say that when brands have a great online presence, people are more trusting from the start,” explains Ben Lambert. “Now it is our responsibility to maintain and strengthen that relationship. The great thing is that happy customers leave great reviews, which is a fantastic marketing tool by itself.”

Strategic Five Marketing produces measurable results for their clients through direct marketing campaigns. For more information follow @StrategicFive on Twitter and Like them on Facebook.

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