Ensuring speed and reduced downtime in large scale manufacturing is key to any plant manager’s peace of mind. In the bulk solids handling industry, where processing speeds are high and minimum downtime is important, securing accuracy and speed is a big challenge.

A leading video production company turned to Trantec, a leading supplier of powder dosing and metering equipment to the worldwide solids handling industry, who secured its production line by manufacturing and designing the Augers within seven days.

Although, Trantec produce Auger screws for use across a wide variety of industries, such as food, pharmaceutical, chemical and plastics their advanced manufacturing techniques can be adapted to produce augers for even the most unusual applications.

So, when a leading video production company was faced with the challenge of designing and building a Kinetic Sculpture/machine for a famous cosmetic brand for a 60 second commercial, they tuned to Trantec. On top of that, the machine was designed to be clean and radiant, whilst maintaining aspects of highly accurate science aesthetic. The augers would be shown feeding glass bleads through clear Perspex tubes, clearly visible to the audience.

Trantec was not only able to design and manufacture the augers within the specified timeframe, but also managed to deliver the product within seven days. The company has been providing high quality, powder dosing and metering equipment to the solids and bulk industry, since 1997, operating state-of-the-art facilities, in Lancashire. Engineers and designers at Trantec use in-house advanced, production facilities that allow them to undertake even the most challenging projects.

Gareth Harrison, director for Trantec, remembers the project well.

“Meeting the demands of this project was extremely challenging. With our knowledge and expertise, together with our state-of-the-art facilities, we were able to deliver our augers to Canada on time, with no complications”, he added.

The augers were manufactured in 316 stainless steel material due to its excellent machinery. As this was a highly visible application, it was important that the appearance of the stainless steel was a critical part of the process. With the wrong finish, the desired effect would not have been achieved. With that in mind, the end result was a 240-grit finish.

Dave Gardner at Wild Flag Studios, concluded “We were very happy with how the film turned out, and the Augers were especially beautiful and well made, hopefully we can work together again.”

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