Betslayer, a leading supplier of sports gambling arbitrage opportunities has announced a new and improved arbitrage calculator.

This new and improved sports gambling arbitrage calculator provides sure bets for 50 bookmakers across 16 events and 5 markets. When BetSlayer's new arb calculator identifies a sports gambling arbitrage opportunity, they present the sure bet to their customers.

Since the launch of the new calculator, BetSlayer’s customers have seen more than 100 daily sure bet opportunities. On average, this is a 5x increase in daily sure bets.

BetSlayer is pleased to report that the new arb calculator has also translated into a 20 per cent increase in new customers. As word of mouth has gotten out, more and more people are utilising the free 7-day trial to take advantage of the sure bets.

While most of BetSlayer's customers reside in the UK, more and more people across the globe are jumping at the chance to see BetSlayer's arb calculator firsthand. BetSlayer has seen an increase in customers in the United Kingdom, EU, Australia, and the United States.

BetSlayer is solely focused on identifying the most accurate sports gambling arbitrage opportunities so its customers can place sure bets. ​A sure bet arises when bookmakers have different opinions on the outcome of a sports event. This is reflected in the odds they provide and because the odds are so far apart it means we can bet and win regardless of the outcome of the event.

BetSlayer's new arb calculator could not have come at a better time for its customers. The current lockdown and furlough period has many people across the globe worried about their current and future cash flow.

Betslayer's arb calculator and sure bet presentation has been a boon for its customers. Michael Zimmerman, president of Betslayer, added: "While the UK is in lockdown, BetSlayer's top-of-the line new sports gambling arb calculator is really helping augment our customer's income. Many customers are thrilled that they have a low to no risk means of supplanting their lost income."

About BetSlayer

BetSlayer is an established sports gambling arbitrage provider serving customers throughout the world.

Betslayer was created in 2015. At the start, it was designed for personal use to scan for sure bets.

Eventually, due to popular demand from friends and family, Betslayer became a business and the website was launched.

The team at BetSlayer is proud to have worked in a variety of businesses and have decades of experience in the sports gambling industry.

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