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At a time of political turmoil in the UK, a new book describes Seven Principles for Exceptional Performance. Written by David Sharpley, an internationally recognized business psychologist, it focuses on developing people’s strengths and vital elements of effective leadership. The problems of the UK Brexit Years (2016-2019) are also reviewed, exposing the reality behind the rhetoric. Complimentary pre-publication copies are available (see offer below). Official publication date: November 2019

Looking to the future, the Seven Principles provide a blueprint for effective action. The book draws on the latest insights from neuroscience and applied psychology. Set in the context of a rapidly changing world, the First Principle highlights the need to be clear about standards, values and overall direction. This insight helps create meaning and purpose that underpins the other six principles.

In reviewing the UK Brexit Years, one point to emerge is the failure of many politicians to grasp the significance of the Seven Principles. The book also highlights the limitations of the ‘clever thinking’ that dominates in professions such as finance, economics, law and technology (the ‘FELT’ mindset). It’s referred to as FELT thinking and the FELT deficit, which affects business, politics and everyday life.

David Sharpley makes the point: ‘closing down dialogue ignites intense, emotionally driven arguments linked to values and identity’. He goes on to provide a list of 20 attributes linked to psychopathic personality traits. Many of these characteristics have gained legitimacy in the UK during the Brexit Years. The Seven Principles for Exceptional Performance also explain why people become angry and disaffected, and how to create meaning and purpose in everyday life.

Seven Principles book summary:

The book starts by looking at the complexity of modern life, including the challenges presented by artificial intelligence. It then focuses on the Seven Principles that are linked to exceptional performance.

The first principle focuses on the importance of maintaining consistent values and standards. This helps direct the compass. It involves looking at activities in terms of the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.

The second principle involves initiative and a positive, proactive approach. However, we also need to appreciate the context - and avoid the danger of hubris, excessive self-confidence and poor judgment.

The third principle relates to understanding motivation, overcoming the FELT deficit and clarifying priorities. Gaining insight and purpose also contributes to ‘flow’, when we get fully involved in what we are doing.

The fourth principle builds on the personal strengths and competencies of superior performance. Purposeful conversations can help develop capability - and are linked to intentional change and personal development.

The fifth principle involves fixing negative attitudes and mindset issues. We need to overcome a lack of self-awareness and address the dysfunctional behaviour that hinders progress in ourselves and others.

The sixth principle looks at how we develop the resilience to handle pressure and everyday demands. The focus is on building the ‘psychological capital’ (PsyCap) that enables us to deal with adversity and setbacks.

The seventh principle focuses on enabling conditions contributing to well-being and high performance. These are contrasted with environments that damage motivation, commitment and creativity.

Following the review of the Seven Principles, the book looks at leadership - and issues relating to the UK Brexit Years. Part 4 focuses on coaching and the steps linked to exceptional performance.

About the author:

David Sharpley has a background in occupational and organisational psychology. His extensive experience includes the design of the first senior management development programmes (in the late 1980s) in BT and the NHS. A keynote speaker at international conferences, he has run master-class workshops in Africa, Australia and SE Asia. David is also involved in the delivery of Pario online resources. His areas of expertise include online leadership development (with individually tailored content) and diagnostic employee surveys, focused on developing the enabling conditions that enhance performance at work.

Complimentary pre-publication review copies of Seven Principles for Exceptional Performance (wire-bound A4 format) are available to UK national newspapers, economic and business magazines, business schools and executive coaching and leadership centres. The deadline for requests (for complimentary copies) is 25 Sept.

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