MotorHype is a community for motorists who wish to buy and sell used cars without expensive fees and commissions.

Matthew Solly came up with the idea for his new business while trying to obtain a good price for his old car. After realising how much he would have lost by part-exchanging his vehicle with a dealership, Matthew turned to various online car marketplaces.

But to Matthew's dismay, he was faced with a barrage of one-off fees and commissions. After realising just how expensive it is to sell a used car online, he decided to create the kind of marketplace for cars, motorbikes and vans he would use himself.

Within weeks, MotorHype was born. This online, community-driven marketplace brings car owners and car buyers together. Sellers can list their vehicle for free — giving them 14 days to find a buyer within the MotorHype community.

But there are also two paid listings to choose from. The MINI Vehicle Listing costs just £14.99 and includes one used car, motorbike or van advertisement that remains live for 30 days. Each MINI listing is awarded 'Featured' status for seven days, which gives it prominence over similar used car listings.

MotorHype's MAX Vehicle Listing costs £24.99 and includes a 30-day listing and 30 days of 'Featured' status. Choosing this premium listing option gives the seller a much larger audience for their vehicle, which can result in a higher sale price.

Matthew wanted to create a home for buyers and sellers of used cars. After days of trying, he could not find exactly what he was looking for, so he decided to create it himself. The result is more than a car selling website. Matthew has created both a community and a vast reference tool filled with important information and advice.

MotorHype is not just a website that lists used cars and vans for sale — it is a community for like-minded car enthusiasts. All users can access the latest automotive news from London and around the UK, whether they’re registered or just a visitor.

This growing online community also brings people together for discussions via an increasingly popular motoring forum. And there are various tools for both sellers and buyers, including car finance options, a car insurance search facility and online car checks that verify a vehicle's history.

MotorHype is also a hub for dealers, car clubs and big events. Users are among the first to learn about car shows and car events across the country.

Matthew was a little taken aback by the speed of MotorHype's growth, but he is taking nothing for granted.

He said: "MotorHype is everything I wanted from a used car marketplace during lockdown. It allows you to sell your car cheaply and simply. When I tried to sell my car, I was horrified by the charges and commissions involved. I wanted to give ordinary motorists a more affordable option.

"I could never have imagined just how popular MotorHype would become in just a few months. We're welcoming hundreds of new members every week, which is great for the online community we're fostering.

"As more and more people join us, the community becomes more collaborative and productive. Our users share car news, views, opinions and advice — making MotorHype a truly collaborative online space.

"The feedback we've had has blown us away. But we're not about to rest on our laurels. We are determined to make buying and selling used cars and vans an affordable, enjoyable and rewarding experience. And if we can foster a few friendships along the way, all the better.

"Whether you're selling, buying, browsing or just looking for a thriving car forum to join, we want to welcome you to the MotorHype family. Registration and a 14-day listing are free, so there's nothing to lose."

MotorHype was a labour of love for Matthew. They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and that was certainly the case for this inspirational entrepreneur.

About MotorHype

MotorHype is an online community-driven marketplace for the buying and selling of used cars. Now the UK's leading independent online car selling website, London-based MotorHype aims to make listing, finding and buying cars fast, simple and rewarding.

This growing online marketplace for selling cars is backed up by one of the most advanced search functions in the industry. Users are able to search for their next used car by make, model, location and price. And buyers can list their car for sale completely free of charge.

MotorHype is also a community for motorists in the UK. Registered users can share thoughts, ideas, opinions and advice via a motoring forum. And there are opportunities to advertise car events, shows and conferences.

In short, MotorHype is a one-stop-shop for all things used car-related.

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