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YOUNG entrepreneur Jessica Davies has turned to the ancient art of bartering for her new online venture.

Jessica, 32, from Sutton Coldfield, is the director and owner of, a website bringing together an online community of skilled people willing to exchange their skills, services and hobbies with each other.

The former Haybridge High School pupil said: “Trading skills and professions is common practice in many different circles and an important factor in society and always has been. However in business it’s a delicate balance.

“We build strong relationships this way by helping but not taking advantage of each other. We see this often at business networking groups or groups for different interest groups. My vision is to create a similar business model online – bringing people together who are happy to exchange a skill for a skill and to value those skills.”

 It’s a huge achievement from the young dyslexic girl who left school at 16 with no qualifications and went straight into the workplace. Jessica gained early promotions and also ran her own businesses at different times – she’s a qualified personal trainer and has also run her own recruitment business. has just launched thanks to Jessica and the support of another young entrepreneur Kyle Raffo. Kyle, who at 22 was already running his own web development and multimedia design business loved Jessica's idea and the pair set to work to create the online venture about a year ago.

Jessica said: “Bartering was something we just talked about and we thought of how many people do help each other by swopping their skills, as we both have done many times. We did our research and realised there wasn't an effective platform – particularly in the Midlands - for this to happen so that’s how Swopatrade was born.” 

The site allows people to register and set up a profile showcasing the skills they can offer as a swap. Those skills can then be exchanged for someone else’s. For instance, someone may offer mortgage advice in exchange for help to mend a lawnmower.

Feedback has already been positive, with people reporting that skill-sharing is something they regularly do and others saying it would be a good way to save money.  

Jessica hopes will become a common fixture in people’s lives in the future.

She said: “We would like it to be the go-to place for like-minded people to come and network their skills, trade or profession which they can swop with one another. We’d like to see communities coming together to network and help each other out at the same time.”

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