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The Birmingham based business was formed in 1921 and since then has developed a reputation as a market leader for the manufacture of rubber and plastic products, supplying a wide range of industrial sectors, including rail, HVAC, MoD, medical, lighting and electrical. Whilst CB Frost is no longer a family owned company, their original ethos remains - ‘quality without compromise’.

In order to increase their manufacturing capacity and improve the speed and efficiency of their cutting processes, CB Frost recently invested in a brand new high-speed cutting press, which is currently in the process of being shipped from Taiwan to Birmingham. The range of applications that the new machine will be suited for include individually die-cut gaskets, seals and washers, as well as products that are kiss-cut and supplied on rolls and self-adhesive sponge products.

View a video of CB Frost's new high-speed cutting machine here.

To ensure increased manufacturing speed and efficiency, the new cutting press is designed to operate at speeds of up to 100 strokes per minute, whilst maintaining pin point accuracy in even the most complicated gasket designs. The machine will also allow for a number of materials in different thicknesses to be cut.

Paul Kennedy, CB Frost’s Technical Director said “The high-quality engineering and rigid construction of the machine, combined with its depth of precision will allow us to produce components with a clean finish, allowing us to pack them and send them to customers right away. This will allow us to provide fast lead times for our customers.

In addition to increasing our manufacturing capacity and increasing the speed of production whilst maintaining accuracy, we are also delighted that the new cutting press will also ensure that scrap material is much reduced.”

CB Frost & Co’s new high-speed cutting machine will arrive and be commissioned in the early part of 2019.

Anyone wishing to find out more about CB Frost & Co and their product range can visit cbfrost-rubber.com.

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