Last year, RIM announced it’s intention to withdraw the Blackberry range from the personal smartphone market, instead focussing on business clients and taking Blackberry back to the basic formula that first won the firm the lion’s share of the business communications market.

And now Blackberry are clearly taking steps to make their call tariffs more attractive by introducing free calls to Blackberry Messenger (BBM) The flagship messenger service already offers free text messengers as an alternative to paid messaging services. Already incredibly popular with the business community, BBM’s new free calls feature is likely to shed an attractive light on the new Blackberry 10 OS when it arrives on 30th January.

UK gadget company, Money4Machines, said the number of customers looking to sell mobile phones from Blackberry in favour of upgrading to handset from a different developer is higher in the personal handset market.

"Since RIM announced its withdrawal from the personal handset market, we’ve seen a pretty varied response from our customers who are looking to sell Blackberry devices. Some are really disappointed, but most can see RIM’s point in terms of going back to basics.

Luckily for our customers, Blackberry devices that are well looked after can still fetch decent rates. Not usually as much as when folks sell iPhone handsets, but still a healthy amount. The addition of the free calls feature to current Blackberry devices will really drive their value in the sell for cash used gadget market, which is great for BBM users and for companies like us."

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