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Managing director Rania Noumaan personally invests a tremendous amount of time into coaching and mentoring aspiring professionals, advising and guiding them to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. The event-marketing specialists have published their guide to becoming a top performer.

About Blue Branch:

  • Seek Clarity

To consistently perform at a high level, Blue Branch argues that people need to seek clarity. To perform at a high level, it is vital for someone to know where they want to go and how they are going to get there, while frequently reevaluating their progress.

  • Healthy body and mind

Blue Branch advocate the link between top performers and a healthy body and mind. The firm believes that good well-being allows someone to maintain focus, energy, work ethic and continue to achieve their A-game.

  • Maximise productivity

Top performers achieve optimum productivity levels. “To be a top performer, you have to be consistent,” commented Ms Noumaan. The secret to attaining maximum productivity is to eliminate distractions and maintain focus to drive results.

  • Be picky with your social circle

Jim Rohn famously said “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Award-winning entrepreneur and Blue Branch director, Ms Noumaan firmly believes that a person’s success is dependent on their ability to develop a positive support network. Ms Noumaan encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to build a solid network of likeminded professionals who they can turn to for advice and guidance to assist them on the road to success.

  • Keep learning

At Blue Branch, education is a core of their philosophy. Ms Noumaan is a firm believer that for someone to become a top performer they must commit to ongoing education, developing their knowledge and skillset. “Knowledge is power and education is imperative to someone’s ability to become a top performer,” commented Ms Noumaan.

At Blue Branch they take great pride in the time and effort they invest into their people to help them expand their knowledge and skillset to become a top performer, allowing them to achieve their personal goals, while simultaneously helping Blue Branch reach theirs.

Based in Edinburgh, Blue Branch is an innovative sales and event marketing firm that works with a broad range of clients throughout Scotland. The company helps customers to boost their customer acquisition, retention, and sales through unique event marketing campaigns.


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