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Based in Manchester, Blue Moose is a direct marketing firm that delivers personalised marketing campaigns for their clients. Their unique campaigns help brands make a lasting impression on their consumers and aims to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

As a firm that is already well established in a wide range of UK locations, Blue Moose announced the details of their forthcoming growth plans, which includes expanding to major cities such as Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Birmingham and Nottingham.

About Blue Moose:

The successful firm has experienced steady growth over the past 12 months and is keen to continue to build on this current rate of development. Blue Moose now hope that their current expansion plans will mark a prolific milestone for the company and set them on track to become the leading sales and marketing firm in the North West and Midlands.

Blue Moose are committed to ensuring that they achieve their expansion ambitions and attribute their success to their ability to create unique and engaging marketing campaigns for their clients. The firm revealed that they are exceeding their clients' expectations and as a result, their clients are now actively pushing the company’s growth and are keen to see them expand into additional markets.

A spokesperson for Blue Moose said “This is certainly an exciting time for us at Blue Moose. We are delighted to be announcing our expansion plans and are particularly flattered to be in a position where it is, in fact, our clients who are pushing for our success and growth. We feel honoured that our clients are passionate about seeing us conquer new markets and are committed to our mission to deliver an exceptional standard that is unrivalled in the industry.”

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Blue Moose
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