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During the session, Blue Moose shared the details of a study, which found a link between a person’s self-confidence levels and their ability to attain their desired profession. According to a study conducted by Ohio State University, an individual’s career choice is significantly impacted by their own levels of self-confidence. The study also unveiled evidence to suggest the amount of social validation they receive along the way will also act as an influence.

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The study went on to explain the concept called upward self-revision of an individual’s possible self. This concept states that if a person can picture a future version of themselves succeeding at a specific goal such as becoming a successful entrepreneur, they are more likely to actually achieve it.

In the experiment conducted by Ohio State University, the researchers gathered 67 undergraduate students who all studied business or psychology and invited them to meet with a career adviser. During the experiment, the career advisor handed the students a brochure, which detailed information about an exciting masters program in business psychology. Although the course did not actually exist, the researchers wanted to see how many of the students would apply, when divided into groups and exposed to a range of influential variables.

All students were asked to submit their GPA and rate their confidence of successfully becoming a business psychologist. The students were then split up into various groups;

  • The control group that was told there were no GPA requirements for the program

  • A group that was told the GPA requirement was 10% below what they stated as their GPA

  • A group that was told the GPA requirement was 10% below what they submitted, but that it would be unlikely that they would be rejected by the program

  • The final group was told the GPA requirement was 10% below what they had submitted and that they would be the perfect fit for the program. This career advisor actively encouraged these students to apply as there was a strong possibility that they would graduate with a range of business psychology offers.

The researchers found that the students who were actively encouraged to apply for the program were far more likely to apply for the masters even though they were no more qualified than the other students in the three other groups.

Blue Moose was extremely fascinated by the results of this study and believe that more professionals need to take the time to develop their self-confidence if they want to secure their likelihood of succeeding in the sales and marketing industry.

A spokesperson for the firm said “We found this study to be extremely insightful and think it perfectly illustrates what individuals can achieve if they believe in themselves and are given positive guidance and encouragement. This is a concept that we fully support at Blue Moose and think our groundbreaking business model actively aims to support young professionals gain the success that they’ve always envisioned for themselves.”


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