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With 2018 in full swing, MD of successful sales and marketing firm Blue Moose reveals his commitment to one task at a time and why.

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With 2017 being one of the most successful years for the growing firm, the MD of Blue Moose was asked to reveal his top tips for anyone looking to boost productivity in the coming year. In a bid to inspire others to succeed Blue Moose recently shared their top five reasons behind single focus:

Human memory is imperfect – The key is to ignore information non-related to a current project consciously, the idea behind this is simple it frees up more memory space to retain vital information to complete quicker and most importantly to a higher standard.

Make the single goal big – Momentum is key to success, as goals are reached confidence is boosted and capabilities skyrocket. By tackling a big goal that will be pivotal in the development of an SME or a entrepreneurs journey can gather more leverage than tackling multiple mini goals over the year. Instead, address a goal every month or so. 

Keep fear from destroying your action – Goals should be challenging and push comfort zones. Entrepreneurs with multiple projects on the go at the same time can be overwhelmed by fear, and these feelings of self-doubt can be detrimental to progress.

Your conversations become simpler – Networking usually involves an element of goal sharing to boost accountability. By focussing on single goals, communication becomes more straightforward and more efficient than someone with multiple mini-goals on the go at the same time. Being able to streamline connections over shorter periods becomes easier and mini projects can be respectfully declined and reduces the chances of becoming over committed to other people’s goals.

Answers are much less challenging to find – A single focus allows the brain to retain information. By reducing the unnecessary information the brain dramatically increases capabilities and thinking power.

You can’t be known for everything – People who have achieved life-changing success are often experts in a single aspect of their profession. For example, public speakers, coaches and bloggers all focus their energy on becoming an expert at what offers personal satisfaction for best results.

Blue Moose are confident that everyone can achieve success if they take the time to listen to their inner drive, figure out where personal passion lies and embark on a career in that area for maximum impact. As a result, the firm is now committed to helping everyone make 2018 their best year by following their dreams.


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