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Based in Manchester, Blue Moose is a sales and event marketing firm that provide cost effective and personalised marketing campaigns for their clients, which aim to help brands make a long-lasting impression on consumers.

Blue Moose believe that in order to deliver exceptional customer service and to become leaders in their field, it is imperative to develop the leadership skills of their young workforce. The firm stated that the success of a business in the sales and marketing industry directly relies on their ability to impart their years of skills, knowledge, and experience into the next generation of young professionals.

About Blue Moose:

As a result, Blue Moose has developed a unique business model that works by training and mentoring young professionals that are interested in pursuing the path of entrepreneurship. Last week, the firm held a workshop for their contractors, where they shared how strong leadership skills can help professionals become successful entrepreneurs.

According to research conducted by The Carnegie Institute of Technology, 85 percent of financial success was due to an individual's ability to enhance their communication, negotiation, and leadership skills. Blue Moose believe that the findings of this research prove that there is a direct correlation between an individual’s success and their leadership skills.

Blue Moose is continuously committed to nurturing the leadership skills of young professionals. The firm takes pride in their ability to mentor budding entrepreneurs and offer their contractors the opportunity to attend networking events with successful entrepreneurs and also provide a wealth of business development opportunities.

A spokesman for Blue Moose said "Some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs all demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities, which is why we think it is extremely important to share what it takes to be a good leader. Through our daily workshops and ongoing training, we are confident that we are cultivating the talents of the next generation of leaders that will help innovate the sales and marketing industry."


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