When one is a fully qualified beauty therapist, they will possess a whole range of skills ready at their fingertips. Body massage therapy, for example, is certainly one of the more popular body treatments. Once therapists are established and have built a healthy rapport with clients, it is not uncommon to have them visit for treatment as regularly as once a month. If one provides an excellent service to 'first time' clients, they shouldn't be surprised if clients are eager to come back as many will wish they had tried massage therapy sooner!

The techniques involved in massage therapy are different and vast, from a full body massage or more focused, such as Indian head massage and reflexology, to Hot Stone Therapy or other holistic techniques. Originating from a number of varying cultures and used for different objectives, choosing the right massage will depend on why the clients wants it, or needs it. Therefore as a beauty/massage therapist, it is fundamental that one is aware of their reasons for wanting treatment. The client may have a physical condition which could be helped or alleviated through a massage, they may want to sooth minor muscle pain (although only treat for non-pathological tissue, i.e. non-injured. Clients who have injuries would need to consult their doctor). On the other hand clients may wish to increase their energy levels through massage therapy, or simply just want to treat themselves to a relaxing and therapeutic experience.     

Whatever the reason, therapists should have clients discuss this with them preferably before they book the treatment. After they arrive and they have followed the standard practice of asking questions around their personal details, medical history, lifestyle etc (for insurance purposes), depending on the situation a medical approval from their GP may be required.

When treating begins, in most cases therapists will use oil based products to help the hands elbows or feet glide better across the skin. Almond or grape seed oil are examples, or one can use a previously prepared oil blend, such as those used for aromatherapy.

The pressure applied during massage varies depending on the type performed, however during the treatment it is good practice to ask the client whether they feel comfortable and would like more, or less pressure.

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