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As such, the business has been researching the most effective ways to produce a company culture that welcomes feedback, in a constructive and welcoming manner.   

It is no secret that the most successful businesses, across any industry, have a company culture that benefits each and every individual at the firm while generating success for the business. As such, Boss Enterprise Inc. has been re-evaluating their own company atmosphere to ensure maximum productivity and a content workforce. 

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Leader influence: Boss Enterprise Inc. recognize the importance of leading by example, it must in part be down to leaders at the firm to begin the act of feedback. The company is actively encouraging their leaders to respond to constructive criticism as well as give it out. This act of demonstration will give individuals the confidence to discuss subjects with leaders and their peers, while also learning what aspects of feedback will be constructive and beneficial.  

A daily occurrence: The firm detail how feedback that is purely given during evaluation meetings or periods of the New Year will not do much to create a culture built on feedback. The act of discussion and progress must be a daily occurrence to be genuinely effective. The firm advises the production of online, anonymous surveys where individuals can provide feedback without the fear of repercussions or animosity.  

A skill, not a talent: Boss Enterprise Inc. detail that a thriving company culture that has a strong focus on feedback for individuals at all levels of the firm should provide avenues for improvement while helping to enhance confidence. This can be improved through regular workshops, seminars and activities based on how to develop feedback skills and qualities that must be learnt; they are not a natural occurrence.  

Boss Enterprise Inc. is hopeful that their recent seminars on the subject of constructive feedback will have a direct positive effect on the running of the company and the mindsets of young professionals. The company is urging other firms to follow their example by ensuring their company cultures are based on constructive criticism.  



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