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According to a survey of 2,071 UK adults by video search engine Blinkx, it was found that 57% of all people questioned prefer to view content on their laptops, tablets or mobile phones rather than through more traditional channels such as TV or desktop computers. "Digital marketing is interactive and cost effective", says Stacey Kehoe, Director of Communications at Brandlective Communications. "Positive and effective online presence is crucial", adds Miss Kehoe; yet it is alarming that some companies have not added it to their priority list. A survey commissioned by CMS provider Decibel has revealed that 20% of the 1,222 questioned senior marketers of Britain’s small and medium businesses do not actually think that their own company website represents their brand. The same survey has found that over a third, 39%, even think that their closest competitor’s website is better than their own (

Brandlective Communications finds these figures difficult to comprehend: "Who does not look at a review page before a purchase or looks up a company’s website before doing business with them? Times have changed, information is available through the World Wide Web and people make decisions based on peer recommendations via social media and online reviews." According to the same survey commissioned by Decibel, 44% of those senior marketers admit that they would not even consider doing business with an organisation that has an out of date or hard to navigate website and 36% would already be put off working for a company with poor web presence.

Digital marketing might seem complex and rapidly changing, but it can bring immense benefits to a business. Online marketing plays a critical role in keeping sales high and communicating with clients and stakeholders ( Stacey Kehoe at Brandlective Communications explains: "There is a wide range of online marketing tools available; blogs, social media sites, SEO or email marketing are just a few of them. These help to be in direct contact with the audience to personalise their experience, to raise awareness and build consistency, trust and relationships in both, the online and the offline world."

Online support for businesses through digital marketing channels is on the rise. Jennifer Wong, Digital Marketing Specialist at Optify, explains that a personalised user experience will be one of the major trends this year. Furthermore, she states: "Companies need to tie offline events to online engagement to measure the impact of these cross-channel campaigns." It is predicted that the growth of digital data will be 44 times greater in 2020 than it was in 2009 (


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