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Whilst the foundations and principles of marketing may be the same across the board, different businesses require different approaches if they are too have the desired impact on their target audience. Brandlective Communications, a London based online marketing agency, is concerned that when it comes to small businesses, many start up owners are thinking too much like a big brand, and damaging their market presence in the process. Smaller businesses have unique needs and marketing a start-up as if it is a small business is dangerous territory, not just because it can lead an owner to invest too heavily in marketing and jeopardise the financials, but because small businesses need to retain their close knit relationships with their customers and taking inspiration from large corporations is only going to create barriers and make these relationships harder to keep.

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However this is not to say that Brandlective believes that big brand marketing is in any way inferior. Big brands are constantly developing new ways of spreading their brand message and keeping the marketing industry fresh. However these large scale campaigns do not meet the needs of smaller businesses and the agency are eager to outline the differences between big brand and small start-up marketing, so that all business owners can identify the approaches that work for them and create effective marketing strategies.

Big Brand Marketing

When marketing a bigger brand there are bigger budgets, bigger teams and plenty of time and resources available to support creative, modern thinking. With big brands already possessing a strong market presence and brand identity marketers for big businesses are able to be more left field in their innovation and use their preferred mediums to shock, astound and entertain their target audiences. Big brands are also able to tap into new methods, such as snapchat and launch experimental marketing campaigns. This process is rarely cheap and is usually conducted on a trial and error basis with constant stream of feedback from consumers. Small businesses are unable to commit to this risk and have a far larger audience, meaning that receiving feedback in this way is patchy at best.

Small, Start up Marketing

Small businesses do not have the luxury of a large marketing team, and hiring one before the company is ready can cause a big financial strain. However, small businesses often benefit from consistently as a result of having a smaller team, as there is usually only one or two people operating all marketing methods, from social media to print content, providing customers with a trustworthy and consistent brand voice. Smaller businesses are already in-tune with their consumer base too, meaning they are better positioned to create content that is relevant and emotive to their audience.

Based in London, Brandlective Communications is an Online marketing company that specialises in website development, social media marketing and helping brands increase their overall presence online. Brandlective specialises in tailored marketing campaigns, meaning that no matter what size businesses their clients are, they are able to create campaigns to meet their needs and understand the different requirements and demands of big businesses and small start-ups across the UK, America, Australia and Europe.

Brandlective specialises in web optimisation on behalf of clients. For more information Follow @Brandlective on Twitter and Like them on Facebook.

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