Tone of voice encompasses not only the words said, but their order, rhythm and pace. However, in the business world the phrase ‘tone of voice’ refers to the written word. A company’s tone of voice should be consistent throughout all written copy, including its website, social media messages, email and packaging.

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Here, Brandlective has revealed why tone of voice is important in content marketing:

It’s an expression of the people behind the brand Brandlective highlight how it is not just about what a company does, but who it is that makes it a brand. A tone of voice should embody and express the brand’s personality and core values.

It sets you apart from the rest
A brand’s tone of voice needs to be distinctive, recognisable and unique. Culture and dialect are significant factors dictating a person’s approach to words and Brandlective Communications believe that brands should not be afraid to reflect this in their written content.

It builds trust
There is a strong link between familiarity and trust. Something familiar requires little effort to process mentally as people feel more at ease around it. Sticking to this theory, Brandlective suggests that a company must be consistent in its use of language so that its writing becomes familiar and therefore trustworthy to the customer.

It can be used to influence and persuade
People might not always remember what you said but they will always remember how you made them feel, reveals Brandlective Communications. It is often the way something is said that evokes a certain feeling. Therefore, tone of voice can be used to influence decisions and persuade within content marketing.

Brandlective Communications highlights that in order to develop a unique tone of voice a brand needs to look at their core values as well as who their customers are. “Would your customers appreciate, informal or formal language?” asks the firm. “Will they understand industry jargon or will they appreciate a more relaxed approach?” These are all questions which will help a brand to develop their tone of voice, outlines Brandlective.

Brandlective Communications is an online marketing and communications agency who works closely with their clients’ brands in order to develop a strong online presence. The firm reflect on all the questions mentioned above to help their clients maintain a consistent tone of voice throughout all of their online content including websites and social media.


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