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In light of Matt Cutts' recent assertion that not all link building is bad, integrated SEO, social media and PR agency Punch Communications urges brands to create compelling on-site content to become the original source for information and earn natural backlinks.

Whilst SEO professionals are familiar with strategies to obtain relevant and authoritative links, in a recent interview, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team, stated: "The philosophy that we’ve always had is if you make something that’s compelling then it would be much easier to get people to write about it and to link to it." The more creative and useful a website is, the more successful it is likely to be in attracting attention from media and bloggers and via shares on social networks. With this comes traffic and also important links that act as a reference and hold merit with search engines.

The practice of attracting links in this way, also referred to as creating link bait, can be resource heavy due to the length of time it takes to research and develop original creative content. However, if implemented and promoted well, it can gain an array of backlinks from relevant, highly authoritative sites. These links are often embedded within articles referencing the original source, adding credibility to the story.

Popular forms of link bait include infographics, how to content, videos and materials curated from a variety of other sources. However, any simple blog post can attract links, as long as the information is unique and valuable to an audience. Conducting primary research and undertaking interviews are also effective ways to be linked to as an original source.

Keredy Andrews, account director at Punch Communications, said: "The internet is almost always the first point of call when conducting research. If you can provide researchers with valuable and unique material, they can reference it within their own content and links will be built to your site naturally. This strategy integrates link building with content marketing, generating a healthy backlink profile for a site, bringing the brand credibility and evidencing authors’ knowledge, expertise and creativity."

Integrated social media, PR and SEO agency Punch Communications can assist with creating bespoke, creative content that has editorial and SEO value. For more information about Punch’s services please visit www.punchcomms.com/services or call 01858 411 600.

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