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Southampton-based sales and marketing experts, Bravington Capital, offer a direct and event marketing solution to clients’ customer acquisition and brand awareness problems. The firm can provide a bespoke service and can generate a high return on investment for clients.

Bravington Capital has a determined workforce of young professionals that are regularly pushing themselves to take on new challenges and as a result of this must be able to provide and develop strong time management skills to continue to do this. The contractors are motivated and determined, but the firm has been questioning if everyone is making the most of their time.

About Bravington Capital:

Recently, Bravington Capital held a meeting to help inspire better time management in the team. During the meeting, the contractors were asked to think about the number 86,400 and then consider that as an amount of money. £86,400 to a lot of people is an incredible sum of money, the firm’s contractors were asked to think about the way they would personally spend this amount of money, but were informed that they were not allowed to save or invest it.

The firm, Bravington Capital, received a wide variety of answers, with most saying that they would buy cars, holidays, go on shopping sprees and buy designer clothes. Most were overwhelmed and realised that this amount of money would provide immense possibilities, and questioned how this was related to time management.

Bravington Capital explained during the meeting that each day contains 86,400 seconds, which when also discussed, the contractors said that this should provide the same immense potential for each day and the possibilities are endless. Upon further discussions, the firm revealed that the average working day for their contractor’s amounts to 32,400 seconds and therefore that leaves over 50,000 seconds in each day.

Having opened a lot of minds, the firm proceeded to ask if the contractors thought that they were making the most of this time, and explained that this time could be used to improve work ethics, learn about new things and create that can-do attitude which is essential for any young future business owner.

With the recent increase in motivational levels within the firm, they have been able to increase the drive that the workforce is providing. Bravington Capital have big dreams for the future, with ideas of expansion, the firm is feeling more confident now that contractors are pushing themselves even harder to achieve their personal and professional dreams.

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