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A story to illustrate how purpose has the power to transform a person's attitude about how they approach work describes three masons working at chipping chunks of granite from large blocks. The first man when asked what it was he was doing, responds with ‘I'm hammering this stupid rock, and I can't wait until 5 pm when I can go home.' The second Mason, who is more interested in his work than the first, response with ‘Well, I'm holding this block of rock so that it can be used with others to conduct a wall. It's not bad work, but I'll sure be glad when it's done.' And the third Mason who was hammering fervently at his rock and admiring his work, when asked responded with, ‘I…am building a cathedral'. This story illustrates three men, all doing the same job but with different attitudes and how purpose has an impact on the quality of work produced.

About Bravington Capital:

The full-service event marketing firm, Bravington Capital, believes that a lot can be learnt from this story, which is why they chose to share it with their workforce, to inspire them to see the bigger picture in the work they do and to aim for bigger goals. After relaying the story, Bravington Capital reports that they witnessed the team becoming more unified and left the meeting with a greater level of confidence and clarity in what they are looking to achieve. The firm stated that attitude and vision play a significant role in the success of individuals and people need to aim high and have a clear picture of what they want to achieve.

This coming together was the latest in the firm's motivational meetings, which play a significant role in how they develop, support and mentor their Millennial workforce. Bravington Capital inspires young professionals and goes a long way to helping them develop into entirely successful entrepreneurs.

Based in Southampton, Bravington Capital is an ambitious direct sales and event marketing firm. The company's managing director, Alex Mousley has a passion for business and devotes much of his time to the education of future entrepreneurs. The company offer motivated individuals looking for success a business development opportunity that teaches the skills required to run their own business in the competitive outsourced sales and marketing industry.



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