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Bravington Capital is the latest outsourced event marketing firm to hit Southampton. The ambitious direct-sales and marketing firm connects Fortune 500 companies to their future consumers through their own unique, personalised marketing approach. This method allows the group to promote their client’s products and services to potential customers on a face-to-face basis, receiving instant feedback from customer groups that can be used for developing future marketing strategies, ensuring the company are always one step ahead in the industry.

About Bravington Capital:

Bravington Capital has dominated the Hampshire market by assisting clients in driving strong sales figures via their innovative, face to face marketing strategies and friendly and informative in person customer service. Mr Mousley has ensured that the firm’s pop up events produce colourful, highly interactive and engaging services for potential customers resulting in high rates of new customers-leads for their clients. The hands-on approach taken by the managing director to create a set of new and exciting sales and marketing experiences has led Alexander Mousley to be invited to London to share his sales advice with young sales and marketing professionals and business owners.

Held at the iconic Lancaster London, the seminar inviting entrepreneurs and business owners featured a special talk for aspiring owners and those new to the sales and marketing industry, a seminar on leadership in business and a networking lunch to help attendees establish future connections and business opportunities.

Being great at sales and marketing is no easy journey, it takes an extraordinary level persistence and effort to hone one’s skills.

Alexander Mousley gives his advice for those looking to improve:

  1. Know what you’re selling – know the product or service you are selling, inside out. You must be able to give some tips to a customer and your insights, ultimately a customer’s buying decision will be influenced by your in-depth knowledge on how it functions.

  2. Focus on the customer – to win a customer’s loyalty, focus on what they need and their expectations of a desired product, do that and everything else will follow!

  3. Set higher targets – by setting higher targets to achieve, a person will get the chance to tap into their real potential as a sales and marketer. By pushing targets, a little further every so often, it opens the possibility to improve one’s base performance and continue to improve.


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