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Norfolk based sales and marketing specialists Redwood Origins are keen to communicate the benefits of instilling good habits from the offset, and the best way to embed them into life is to practice them daily until they become a natural action. The firm reveals their top tips on how to break bad habits:

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1. Stop being a lone ranger.

Accountability is key to achieving goals or implementing strong habits. A confidant, someone who can keep a check and realign progress should not be overlooked as a key factor in success.

2. Lose your inability to set priorities.

It is critical to success to be able to manage tasks efficiently and order them in the rank of precedence. A good start is to use the final 10 minutes of the day to prioritise the tasks for the following day in order of urgency.

3. Stop using fear as a prime motivator.

Planning is essential for this point. Keeping a tally of accomplishments will assist in gathering momentum and maintaining good practice over time.

4. Stop procrastinating.

Putting off tasks only leads to feelings of overwhelming pressure and can be detrimental to confidence and productivity. Realistically break down the day, and identify where better time management can be used. Obtaining a mentor can achieve leaps and bounds for instilling good habits.

5. Find a balance between confidence and arrogance.

Confidence goes hand in hand with experience, skills, and humility whereas arrogance is founded on weak foundations and often centres around a lack of respect. It is vital to identify any areas where arrogance is practised and wipe it out immediately.

6. Believe in yourself.

Being confident in success is vital in achieving. Take time to practice the feelings of success if new habits are developed, and old ones are abolished, visit these feelings regularly to build confidence in ability.

Redwood Origins is an event marketing firm that operates in the competitive outsourced sales and marketing industry. The company work closely with their clients to help them deliver a personalised marketing message to their target audience and believe that face-to-face marketing is the most effective and relevant marketing technique available to brands right now. Redwood Origins are helping the industry grow by working with and supporting the development of young entrepreneurs.


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