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GDPR Privacy Consultancy, Kazient Privacy Experts, based in Greater London has turned down the Brexit Party to offer consultancy worth just under £30,000, citing humanitarian conflict of interest.

Established in 2014, Kazient Privacy Experts provides effective and practical privacy, data protection and GDPR compliance solutions, in a language that everyone can understand. It allows businesses to operate with more freedom, safe in the knowledge that their operations are fully compliant. The company offers outsourced data protection officers and EU Representation solutions. Kazient enters into a confidentiality agreement with all clients.

Kazient were contacted via its website contact page (www.kazient.co.uk) on Thursday 25 July by the Brexit Party. Shortly afterwards, Kazient followed up with a phone call and further declined in writing on Monday 29 July.

Kazient provides GDPR compliance solutions and fully certified data protection officers to UK and international organisations, and has received positive media coverage across Europe. It was approached to provide in-house GDPR compliance consultancy, three days per week for a period of up to three months, starting as soon as possible, which would have been worth just under £30,000. As a practicing Muslim, Jamal Ahmed, founder of Kazient, hopes this stance will give others the courage to stand for what they believe in, and put principles before profit.

Once Kazient realised the association with Nigel Farage and The Brexit Party, it turned the party down based upon a humanitarian, moral and ethical conflict of interest and values. Jamal Ahmed, Kazient's founder, said, “I choose not to work with Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party as it represents everything I and the company, stand against. We are opposed to racism, discrimination and Islamophobia. I am a Muslim and also the son of an immigrant and do not feel comfortable with what the party represents. Declining this offer is my way of standing up to racism. Islam teaches, no race is superior to another.

“The first leader of the Brexit Party resigned approximately four months ago after being questioned about a series of deleted anti-Islam Twitter messages sent prior to her taking the role, along with links to the far right.”

Just recently, party leader Nigel Farage supported US President Donald Trump's controversial Tweets telling four democratic BAME congresswomen to go back home, a set of Tweets which were widely criticised in the media as racist.

Clients of Kazient Privacy Consultancy include not for profit organisations of all faith denominations including Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Hindu, and its staff have previously raised funds and have taken food and toiletries to refugees in the “Jungle” in Calais.



Note to editors:

Jamal Ahmed has a BA Hons Business and Law

Certified EU GDPR Practitioner

CIPP/E - Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe

CIPM - Certified Information Privacy Manager

PRINCE2 Practitioner

Further information on Jamal Ahmed and his work:

Ahmed has previously set up Enable 1000, raising £15,000 to fund 100 communal kitchens providing cooking stoves and gas, pots, pans and cooking utensils, enabling 1000 refugees to eat a hot meal everyday. He has continued to raise over £100,000 to help displaced people, which has included a sponsored sky dive. He later raised funds to help refugees on Greek Islands Lesvos and Chios stay warm and dry, forced from their home, land and livelihoods with nothing but the clothing on their backs. The Iftar 1000 project raised nearly £90,000, providing Iftar parcels, the meal that breaks the daily fast during Ramadan, when people in Syria had no food to break their fast with. The fifth project raised money for the persecuted Rohingya communities in Burma, providing emergency food and five permanent shelters for widows and orphans. The latest, current effort, The Nansana Project in Uganda is funding a communal building, water well and restrooms.

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