Engagement 2030/As-Siraat

As part of the celebrations, British Muslims have coordinated a unique worldwide initiative which has become to be known as Mawlid In the City.

The objective is to engage with local communities in city centres by promoting dialogue and spreading peace and understanding. The very simple concept of offering a rose along with a rose themed card as a peaceful gesture to people has certainly gone from a very local idea to something which has become a national and international event.

A coordinated event initiative, born in the UK in 2012 has now spread across the world and is a global phenomenon. Over 100 locations are scheduled to take part with towns and cities as far as New Zealand and Canada joining a substantial number of UK cities and towns in this international effort for spreading the true Islamic values.

Events will be held simultaneously and all coordinated via social media and through the group's central hub in Birmingham. Muslims all round the world will walk into city centres, villages and towns giving roses, chocolates and cards containing messages of peace.

The project, now in its fifth year of running, will also visit 10 Downing Street as one of the many locations to be visited throughout the day. Greeting cards will be delivered to the home of the British Prime Minister along with 12 roses symbolic with the Islamic date coinciding with the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The project has already achieved international acclaim with Capstone Publishers publishing a section on the project in the United States in an edition of a children's book. This will aid in educating a entirely new generation of children on the shared human values of peace and mercy.

The organisation is a network of “Mawlid Makers” around the world seeking to inspire other Muslims to engage in such efforts. The aim being to encourage Muslims everywhere to lead a peaceful revolution across the world in some of the most difficult social times faced by mankind. The network aims to achieve its lofty ambitions with the proliferation of the true message and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), known to Muslims as a mercy to the World.

Engagement2030 is an initiative of the organisation and is focused firmly on outreach and positive engagement activities. Further events remain in the planning and will be communicated throughout next year.

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Engagement 2030/As-Siraat
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