With 27 years experience in asbestos removal and management Andrew Harwood was the perfect choice for the position of Asbestos Manager for BSW Building Services. His experience not only covers management and supervision of asbestos removal but he also has practical experience working on site as an asbestos removals specialist, however, he quickly worked his way up to a management role and has been instrumental in implementing asbestos removal programmes throughout Europe and Asia.

Mr Harwood has been dealing with asbestos in both domestic and industrial environments for many years, his career has been making buildings safe from the dangers of asbestosis, a lung disease caused by exposure to asbestos particles either at low levels over a long period of time or high levels in a brief period. Now that he has joined BSW Building Services Andrew will be leading a committed team of asbestos removal specialists centred in West Sussex but who service the whole Surrey, Kent and Sussex area.

What’s The Danger?

Asbestos is regarded as the single greatest cause of work related illness and death in the UK. Because the particles which cause sickness easily become airborne, and it is through inhalation that the disease is contracted it is necessary to take extraordinary precautions when dealing with asbestos. If you find asbestos in your home or place of work It's necessary to call in qualified removals experts to deal with the problem, which is where Andrew and his team at BSW Building Services come in. BSW Building Services are a fully qualified and equipped company in the Surrey, Kent and Sussex area who are able to remove asbestos safely and efficiently with the least disruption to you or your business.

When dealt with by experts asbestos can be removed safely without increasing the risk exposure to people who live and work where asbestos was found. Not dealing with asbestos when it is discovered isn’t an option; while asbestos hasn’t been used in construction for years old asbestos continues to cause health problems for people who come into contact with it, over a thousand new cases of disease related to asbestos exposure are reported to doctors every year.

BSW Building Services began life 50 years ago as a family run central heating engineering firm in West Sussex. Today they are able to not only provide central heating services and asbestos removal but have also branched out into Green energy solutions for home, business, schools and the social housing sector throughout the South East. As well as removing hazardous materials such as asbestos, BSW Building Services also fit and maintain bathrooms, boilers and central heating upgrades which help keep to their green ethos of making homes greener, more energy efficient and cheaper to run.

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