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GoldIcon Enterprises has this week been warning about the importance of offering purpose in business, and how leaders can utilise this to create a positive organisational culture.  

GoldIcon Enterprise aims to always deliver the most personalised, dynamic, and unique marketing solutions. No two of their campaigns will ever be the same which means that they can specifically target their client's ideal customers, so they can offer products and services which are personally suited to them. The firm's overall mission is to extend clients market reach across the UK and further afield to connect clients with as many consumers as possible this delivering the most significant results.

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A recent study has found that the current generation is prioritising purpose in their work as well as passion and the chance to make an impact. The latest generation to enter the workforce is, Generation Z, which have been dubbed the "purpose generation". The study of over 2,000 respondents found them for the first time; we are now seeing a generation that is prioritising purpose in their work. While its widely understood that Millennials are driven by growth, a balanced lifestyle and security the new findings show that those born between '94 and '01 are driven are by purpose, passion, and impact.  

The firm offers their contractors young and old, fantastic opportunities to find purpose within their roles. Firstly, there are plenty of opportunities for progression, through their tried and tested development pathway structure contractors can work on all the skills required to rise-up the ranks and become business leaders. The company believe that individuals should be given a chance to progress when they're ready not when the business is. Further, more their contractors are able to access an unrivalled network of industry leaders to learn from as well as bounce ideas and general networking, which will help them later on in their business life.  

GoldIcon have disclosed three pieces of advice for leaders to help provide opportunities for professionals to find their own purpose:  

1.) Cultivating meaningful work is necessary  

Meaningful work drives the next generation. Those surveyed were asked about their career goals, less than half of respondents demonstrated a dire to work within the private sector whereas over half showed a desire for charity/non-profit work.  

Thus, demonstrating the significance for companies to focus on the greater good of the work and showing clearly why the work matters is a key way of portraying meaningfulness  

2.) Take wellness seriously 

With research supporting an overwhelming rise in rates of anxiety and depression among the youth, the emphasis being placed on understanding and supporting mental health is necessary for the

Generation Z.  

3.) There must be a purpose worth committing to.  

A major work value for Generation Z employees is that they have pride in the company they work for. Organisations and businesses need to discover a purpose that is worth committing to. One that is socially and ethically responsible as well as being human-centred.  

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