Instagram is one of the most browsed social media platforms, with billions of users located around the globe. You can use it to access friends, family, customers, and even build an entire business. Influencers are popular users on Instagram that use their large following to build their own brand, sometimes using just their faces.

Back when Instagram was just starting, becoming popular was easy, but now many users may struggle to stay relevant thanks to Instagram’s algorithm. This algorithm allows users to see content based on how they have engaged and interacted with other posts, curating feeds to have more content they enjoy. However, it could also make it more difficult to be seen.

Have you ever wondered how so many people have thousands and millions of followers and get tons of likes and views on their posts? You’d be surprised to learn how many users buy Instagram followers, likes, and views. Your favourite influencer has likely invested in followers or likes at one point or another to increase visibility and engagement, staying relevant even with Instagram’s algorithm. This is where Buzzoid comes in handy.

What Is Buzzoid? Are they trustworthy?

Buzzoid is a social media marketing service that provides Instagram likes and followers from real users. It’s human nature for users to be attracted to accounts and posts with higher numbers, whether they be followers, likes, or views. Buzzoid gives you the ability to control your numbers and grow them – fast. Buzzoid delivers likes in France, Brazil, and even Germany.

You can grow your account by up to 100,000 followers each month and get tons of likes on your posts using convenient features like scheduled likes. It’s an amazing value, too, making your account more active and establishing yourself in the Instagram community.

With this service, you can get thousands of followers or likes in a matter of minutes at an affordable price.

Buzzoid: easy to use, safe & affordable

Boosting engagement numbers by buying followers and likes has become very popular over the years as Instagram has evolved and grown. However, it’s important that you’re careful who you choose to get these services from. Some vendors simply flood your Instagram with bots and fake followers. Buzzoid is legit and the followers are real.

Placing an order is quick, simple, and safe – all Buzzoid needs is your username. There’s no password required to start seeing your numbers rise. Once you enter your information and click submit, you are guaranteed to start receiving notifications within minutes from real users.

Buy Instagram followers, likes & views (delivered instantly)

You get a solid value with Buzzoid, with prices ranging from just $2.97 for a starter package of 100 likes and followers to $12.99 for 1,000 all the way up to $69.99 for 10,000.

You can also buy views starting at only $1.99 for 500 on the low end, $74.99 for 50,000 at the high end, with several choices in between.

Buzzoid: the top choice for growing your Instagram

Buzzoid has been around since Instagram first launched, helping users grow their accounts and stay at the top of the charts. You can get thousands of followers in just minutes, making it the go-to choice for users that want to increase their follower numbers. They’re the real deal for anyone that wants to make it to the top.

Now that we know a bit more about Buzzoid and how it can grow followers, let’s discuss some of the ways Instagram influencers beat Instagram’s algorithm and stay current and relevant in their followers’ feeds. First, let’s go over the fundamentals.

The fundamentals of beating the algorithm

The first step is to identify your target audience. They are how you will stay relevant and how the top influencers continue to shine and remain in the user’s eyes. Identifying your audience means choosing who you would like to reach and engage with. By narrowing it down and having a target audience, you can reach the demographic that will best relate to you and your content and find users interested in your niche.

Once you’ve identified your target audience, you should learn to understand the community that you are targeting. There are many different types of content available on Instagram. Learn the terms you should use, watch for popular hashtags, and figure out what resonates with users.

Another thing that is highly important to beating Instagram’s algorithm is to analyse the content being produced in your community and by your target audience along with competitors. Instagram offers handy tools to see which posts are getting more engagement than others. You can identify what resonates more with your audience and gets them to engage which helps you produce the type of content that they enjoy and interact with.

Now that the fundamentals have been explored, let’s move on and discuss how influencer’s dominate Instagram and stay in the eyes of their target audience.

Produce quality content that encourages engagement

While the quality of your content should be high, so should your captions. Since the algorithm prioritises user engagement, the best way to get users engaged is to use a clever caption that encourages commenting and interacting.

Many influencers use captions with a call to action, such as asking a question or encouraging users to tag a friend, or several, in the post. It gets people talking, commenting, and liking your posts – which Instagram pays attention to and uses to put you more towards the top.

Use the Instagram Stories feature

Instagram Stories is a newer feature to the platform that allows users to post snippets and display them at the top of user feeds. Stories should be consistent, as this is more like to increase engagement and allow you to put yourself front and center.

Keeping your story updated consistently will keep you in the eyes of your target audience and encourage those that aren’t yet following you to check out your content. Stories are constantly viewed and updated, so post to your story consistently to keep your face in the lineup like many influencers do.

Keep up with trends of the time

Staying current means keeping up with whatever is trending on social media. When you start looking into trends, try to find things that your target audience would be interested in that go along with your image.

You could even try to have your own strategy for your posts, using specific filters or posting strategically to make your Instagram profile into a work of art.

Keep hashtags current, participate in trending challenges, and remember to encourage interaction and share user-generated content to keep your profile active and relevant.

Live stream

Just like using Instagram Stories, users should try to go live often. While it doesn’t have a specific influence on the algorithm just yet, going live alerts followers that you’re on video and it puts you at the front of the Stories feed.

Going live also shows that you’re comfortable with showing various parts of your day, which influencers are doing more and more to connect with fans and show them that they appreciate the love and enjoy interacting with their audience.

Interaction is highly important, so be sure to address your audience during live streams and keep them engaged, even adding others to the stream every so often.

Time your posts

You may have noticed that some of your favourite Instagram users and influencers post around the same time each day.

On top of making sure that your content is of amazing quality and engaging to users, you should also aim to post during hours when users are more likely to see your post. These are known as peak hours and can be the difference between 100 likes on a post and 3,000 likes on a post.

Currently, the best time seems to be anywhere from 11AM to 5PM depending on the weekday. This can fluctuate, so be sure to do your research and make sure that your posts are being seen by as many users as possible.

Share content

If you haven’t caught onto the trend, sharing content generated by users has become a great way to keep your content in the eyes of users. It makes you seem more relatable and human, with the ability to see their content as valuable and worth sharing. By featuring users, you can increase engagement and stay relevant with more comments, likes, views, and users sharing your content as well.

Influencers have taken advantage of this and often share content their audience generates in order to show appreciation and take away some of the pressure of producing original and fresh content for every single post.

Instagram influencers have figured out the formula to ‘hacking’ the algorithm and being more visible than ever before. By applying these principles and using these tips, you can have a highly engaged fan base and reach more users than you ever have.

Summary: try Buzzoid’s Instagram followers & likes

If you want to become an influencer or grow your audience, try implementing some of these methods that have been tested and proven successful by the many influencers that flood Instagram and post quality content that their thousands and millions of followers love.

Along with trying these tricks, you should consider using Buzzoid. Buzzoid makes rising to the ranks faster and more efficient. You can take complete control of your Instagram – controlling the amount of followers you have, likes on each post, and views on videos. Buzzoid gives users the power to create a stand-out Instagram account and become a top influencer.

While growing your influence on Instagram could take months or years on your own, Buzzoid can give you the credibility you need to rise even faster. Do something different and give Buzzoid a try to become the influencer you have dreamed of becoming.

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