Do your research before investing to discover the worth of changing all standard light bulbs for LED spotlights. The free energy saving calculator on can show how much money and energy you could be saving with a simple switch!

By entering the wattage currently being used and the cost of the lamp the calculator will display the pounds you could be saving a year and the energy saved through investing in environmentally friendly spotlights. sheds some light on the benefits; the website states:

"Electricity and energy usage can be reduced by up to 80% so it’s definitely worth investigating and LED lighting contains no mercury or lead as well as significantly reducing carbon emissions. With a lifespan of up to 40,000 hours, regularly replacing bulbs won’t be a problem as it is with standard bulbs also removing the burden of maintenance expenses."

Not only do LED spotlights look better they offer superior results and reduce your carbon footprint not to mention industry leading brands like Biard, Toshiba and Viribright are available at This innovative technology is appealing to those conscious of saving money and enjoying contemporary eco-friendly living. This unique lighting is very fashionable with interior designers as it add character when installed in unusual inventive places, setting the mood and highlighting any features which deserve to be in the spotlight.

Don’t be left in the dark, take a look at the LED spotlight range at The impressive collection is high quality and long lasting, suitable for a variety of appliances and available in different colour temperatures from cool white to warm white, the collection has the correct lighting for your needs which will leave you beaming.

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