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This year, however, this little known NGO has leapt to international prominence, thanks to its creative campaigning against domestic violence. To achieve this, TLC hired Jaime Gill, with 10 years of experience in charity communications in the UK, winning charity awards and charity times awards for his work with disability charity United Response.

TLC's shoestring budget End Violence Together campaign cost just £3,000 and went viral, reaching 4 million Cambodians. It has already won the 'best social media campaign of the year' award at the Not For Profit Technology Awards in Australia and been shortlisted for two 'social media marketing awards'. Now it is one of just 5 charities up for a global Grassroots Justice Prize which will be decided by a public vote running from now until July 11th. Anyone in the world can vote in just 30 seconds at

More than 200 organisations went through a lengthy application, judging and assessment process for the Grassroots Justice Prize, and TLC was one of 5 to be chosen for a public vote – and the only charity working in Asia. The Grassroots Justice Prize recognises organisations doing life-saving work to protect and promote the legal rights of vulnerable people and is given out every two years.

TLC's campaign was spearheaded by an attention-grabbing video and backed by several Cambodian celebrities. It had to be creative to reach people, as social attitudes about domestic violence are widespread and entrenched.

Over 20% of Cambodian women experience domestic violence, but just 24% seek help, 40% saying they don't seek help because they consider such violence "normal". Worse, only 8% of Cambodians know that the 2005 law on domestic violence protects women and children from violence.

"It's been very exciting working in Cambodia, there is a lot less cynicism about social media here, and it has even more potential to create massive social change," said Jaime Gill, communications manager. "There's research that says that while globally, only 50% believe Facebook helps them to connect to great causes, that rises to 75% among Cambodians. Watching this campaign go viral and reach a quarter of the population has been incredible, particularly as it has such a powerful message about the law and the right of women and children to live without fear of violence. I hope people everywhere will vote for this because it will mean we can do even more creative campaigning in the future and will be a huge reward for the amazing team here."

The End Violence Together social media campaign ran for 16 days in November and December 2018 and went viral, with a reach of almost 4 million on Facebook alone, and with a flagship video viewed more than 1 million times. It led to more than 13,000 Cambodians seeking help and information at a specially created website featuring easy read versions of the law against domestic violence, an audio version of the law, a downloadable digital helmet and links to places to get help.

The campaign led to greatly increased awareness of the law, and TLC received messages publicly and privately from victims of violence saying they'd been inspired to take action. Its campaign materials were so effective that other NGOs and government bodies requested to use them in events/campaigns of their own, and the film was shared globally.

One Justice Prize judge said: "Among the outstanding aspects of this organisation: well-framed research to lay the groundwork for practical work and creative outreach utilising internet, and audio versions to empower the illiterate and PR with celebrities."

More key facts from the campaign:

• Film viewed by over 1 million Cambodians.

• More than 258,000 people engaged with the campaign across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter through shares, comments and likes.

• Over 13,000 unique visitors went to the campaign page to access legal advice/resources.

• On Facebook alone, the campaign was shared over 9,000 times.

• The campaign reached over 4,000,000 – a quarter of the population.

• Facebook helmet frame and downloadable digital helmet were shared or downloaded more than 2,500 times.

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