Boox, the online accounting company, is on the mark of reaching a £1.5 million turnover and a roster of 1,000 clients this year. Launched in 2011, Boox helps freelancers, contractors and businesses to do their accounts online. With prices starting at £65 a month, users can file tax returns, pay salaries, and ascertain profits all online. The company also helps people in setting up a limited company and filing self-assessment tax returns and want to establish themselves as a financial-technology company that handles all your accounts with clever technology.

Accounting online is becoming increasingly popular because instead of going to the accountant, at the end of the year, with a bundle of invoices and bank statements, customers only need to spend some time every week to keep their books up to date.

Businesses that sign up with Boox have their admin side completely taken care of. From setting up a limited company to calculating what you take home, they help businesses with all the admin stuff they dread and because business owners are updating payments and invoices on their own, they know how much they will take home. spoke to Christopher Clark, operations director, Boox, to find out the benefits of online accounting. "With us, accounts are available to see 24/7, 365 days a year. You just fill in your details and we do the maths for you – be it calculating the tax you owe to communication with the HMRC or filing accounts to Companies House”, says Clark. He believes that accounting online has really taken off. "Just look at our business, we’ve got 50-60 clients coming to us every month and our target is to have 1,000 clients by the end of the year, we’re well to achieve that target."

Doing it all online is much more convenient than booking an appointment with a high street accountant and taking time off work but, will would people dump their high street accountants and come to Boox?

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