London, United Kingdom – 2013, September – Man has always been intrigued with the concepts of space and time, and our inquisitive nature has led to the exploration of places and wonders far beyond our earthly borders.

In answer to this fascination with the universe, a Canadian company, Zanis & Co, has started manufacturing a watch that allows the wearer to carry a small piece of the Universe with them wherever they go.

The visionary company’s newest creation aims to combine the splendour of the cosmos with classic elegance and sophistication, helping the brand soon rival some of the top brands in the watch-making industry.

Each of the limited edition Nuvati watches include a sliver of the Moon, Mars and a space gem together with .42 carats of sparkling diamonds that float freely above the celestial elements. 600 Nuvati watches will be manufactured worldwide.

Bob Gilson, co-founder and CEO explained, “Watch manufacturers around the World are in constant competition to out-do each other with incredible engineering.  Our standards are also constantly being raised, to the point where we decided to bring the Nuvati into the marketplace and really push the boundaries in the industry.

Each watch in the collection is classy enough to be worn on special of occasions, yet simple enough to be worn daily. It’s a show-stopper and a conversation starter, and wearing one is like carrying a piece of the universe in your pocket.”

The Nuvati watch isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for the adventurer and the risk-taker. It’s for the person who knows what they want and how to get it. Most prominently, the range of specially crafted timepieces are for the person who, when they look at the sky, sees beyond the atmosphere to the limitless possibilities that lie in the wonders of space. 

The range of Nuvati watches can be found on the Zanis & Co website at

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When the co-founders of Zanis & Co. had their first meeting, a mantra was born: Be Amazing!

They set out on a mission to create pieces that inspire and delight the senses and ones which, if held true to their mission, make an impact on the wearer.

It is for those people who embrace a larger vision of themselves and the world in which they live. For those who embrace a sense of style, purpose and the future, as it unfolds. 

Zanis & Co is driven to create radical yet spectacular Timepieces that change the “typical” watch making landscape of today and most importantly, to create pieces that inspire the wearer. With the introduction of their first piece, the iconic Nuvati Watch, Zanis & Co. ideals of innovation, collaboration, and down-right WOW Factor came together in a striking union. 

Inspired by time and space, and by a collision of the Earth and the skies, the Nuvati Watch represents so much of who Zanis & Co. is and aspires to be not only for themselves but for those who wear it.

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