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CBD oil is trending in popularity throughout the UK, with estimates pointing to at least 10% of the population having tried the wellness product. This demand has encouraged many CBD companies to rush to market, unfortunately not all these companies use the same quality standards to manufacture their oils. The rise in demand for CBD oil, combined with a lack of industry regulation, has sadly led to too many companies producing low-quality CBD oils for the UK market.

The good news is online CBD retailer CBD Shopy researched hundreds of CBD oils from across the globe. The criteria used for research included the extraction methods used for the CBD; the consistency and availability of independent lab reports by batch; the quality of hemp, whether it is organically grown, and if it is in a regulated jurisdiction; the product’s reviews, customer feedback and customer service; the price per mg of CBD; and the Manufacturing Standards used.

You can read CBD Shopy's full review of the best CBD oils in the UK at https://cbdshopy.co.uk/best-cbd-oils-uk/

An important note from CBD Shopy is that no brand mentioned on their best CBD oil review paid or offered any other financial incentive for a placement.

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