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Agile expert and book author, Roman Pichler will be teaching his popular Certified Scrum Product Owner training course on November 9-11, 2011 and his and Agile Product Management course November 12 in London, United Kingdom.

Roman teaches classes for both new and experienced product managers. His Certified Scrum Product Owner training teaches practical techniques through instructions and hands-on exercises. Attendees learn what it takes to work as effective product owners.

"Roman’s Scrum Certified Product Owner course was extremely well run and provided great value to me, even though I had already been working as a product owner for a couple of years. The level of Roman’s expertise was invaluable in both improving my Scrum skills. I highly recommend Roman’s course."  - Dan Searle, IPL consultant

His Agile Product Management course teaches product managers to become more effective by leveraging agile techniques to create innovative and successful products.

"Roman's Product Management training provided me with the confidence and insight to optimise product management. It helps ensure the creation of a successful product, from inception and visioning to requirement refinement, management and delivery. The use of real world examples helps embed the learnings further. I highly recommend Roman's courses and training." - Evan Kypreos, Product Manager, Allfiled.com

2011 classes will be held at 15 Hatfields, a conference venue close to Waterloo train station. Please visit the Pichler Consulting website to learn more about the Scrum and Agile Training available and to register for the courses.

Early registrants save money with early bird registration and those hungry for more savings can benefit by registering for both training courses!

About Roman Pichler
Roman is a leading expert on agile product management with an outstanding track record in teaching and coaching product managers and product owners. He is the author of three books on Agile and Scrum including "Agile Product Management with Scrum." Roman also writes about product owner topics in his blog All Things Product Owner.

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