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Chalkboard Signs made and provided custom artwork chalkboards for the new film "The Worlds End," that opens today. The movie features several bar scenes where artistic chalkboards can be found throughout. The boards were each custom designed and made by Chalkboard Signs in order to help provide an authentic scene. All artistic pieces were made by hand to custom requirements. 

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of this film," explains Carrie Croud, artist and owner of Chalkboard Signs. "Im really looking forward to seeing how it all turns out on the big screen."

Chalkboard Signs specialises in creating stock and custom chalkboards for businesses of all kinds. Chalkboard art is particularly popular with such companies as bars, bakeries, restaurants, stores, nightclubs, and any place looking to showcase information and specials. The custom artwork on the chalkboards is all done by hand, lasts for years, and consists of custom-made pieces.

The company offers a wide variety of chalkboards for businesses, including those that are blank, and ones offering custom artwork. Shaped chalkboards are also available, in such shapes as a burger, dessert, carrot, crab, and chef. Magnetic chalkboards are also available.

The artistic chalkboard signs are often used by companies to convey information about daily specials or to catch the attention of passers-by. Because they are eye-catching, they tend to help increase sales and bring in foot traffic. All of the carpentry for the chalkboards is also done in-house.

"Once people try a chalkboard sign that has a custom design on it, they never want to go back to something else," added Carrie Croud. "When you can have a product that is custom, eye-catching, and affordable, it's a winning combination that gets noticed and gets sales."

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Chalkboard Signs is a United Kingdom-based company that specialises in making custom artistic pieces. The company was started by Carrie Croud, who has over 18 years of experience at creating custom art chalkboard signs. All chalkboard signs are hand-made, in-house. The produce line includes shaped chalkboard signs, blank ones, designed boards, and those with custom artist designs. 

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