Most parents have been there – their kid won't put down the controller and go out in the real world for five minutes – but an enterprising Chinese father has come up with a novel idea.

A parent reported as Mr Feng by Chinese blog, Kotaku East, was worried about the amount time his unemployed 23-year-old son spent playing games online. His son was a good student in school so the family allowed him to indulge in his passion for online gaming. But the younger Feng didn't live up to his academic promise and failed to secure a job.

Mr Feng approached several online gamers and paid them to target his son in his favourite games. His son subsequently asked the players why they were targeting him and they pointed him in the direction of his father.

We asked our gamer employees whether Mr Feng's actions constituted something like an invasion of privacy, and aside from the ones who told us to stop bothering them with inane questions while they help you sell your iPhone, we got a pretty mixed bag of responses.

28% said he is a crazy parent

12% told us to go away and stop interfering with their work day helping you to sell mobile phones

60% couldn't stop laughing long enough to respond

So, would one sell games consoles for cash to keep the kids firmly in the real world? According to gambling and gaming addict experts, it's not the amount of time one spends doing something that matters, but the impact it has on their life and the lives of those around them. Whether this applies to Mr Feng and his son isn't clear.

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