Forsikringsportalen, a leading insurance portal in Denmark, is making it easier for consumers to choose the right insurance in Denmark by helping them get up to three offers from different insurance companies. The site allows consumers to compare prices from 21 Danish insurance companies and get guidance on how to assess the prices and offers. Forsikringsportalen’s customer service centre is also open on weekdays.

There are three kinds of compulsory insurance in Denmark - workers' compensation for employers, third-party liability for horse and dog owners, and third-party liability insurance for motor vehicle owners. Consumers can also choose to insure themselves and their families.

Most people usually get home insurance to insure their personal belongings. Some companies call it family insurance because it covers all members of the family who live in the same house as the policyholder. Personal liability insurance is usually included in home insurance, and it covers damages that the policyholder may have caused to other properties or other people.

There are differences between home insurance and house insurance. For instance, Denmark’s fire and building insurance are not the same as complete house insurance. That is why tenants should know what kind of house insurance their landlord has purchased for their property. They should consider this factor when deciding how they want to be covered on their home insurance. There are differences between home insurance policies, but all of them cover the policy holder’s personal belongings in their home in the case of theft or fire. It reimburses them for the electronics, clothes, furniture, and other personal belongings in their home that may be destroyed or damaged by a covered situation.

Accident insurance is also common, and it has two categories - extended and basic accident insurance. The latter provides compensation for disablement or injuries sustained by the policyholder that is either caused by external events or other people. They can extend this insurance to cover their family members as well.

Forsikringsportalen works with different Danish insurance companies to help consumers find the most affordable insurance. Consumers can use the site to look for car insurance, travel insurance, or other kinds of insurance. Danish insurance has a list of Danish insurance companies that consumers can access for free to learn more about the policies offered by the companies.

They can also save money if they buy more policies from one insurance company. Once they have chosen their policy, they only need to enter their personal information in the form provided by Forsikringsportalen. The more information they provide, the sooner they can get a suitable offer that meets their needs. It usually takes one to two days before they get offers.

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Forsikringsportalen is an insurance portal that is dedicated to helping customers find the right insurance in Denmark. They work with different Danish insurance companies to provide customers with up to three insurance offers that match their needs. Forsikringsportalen does not charge anything for its service.

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