It would be quite strange to see a house with no skirting because it has become a recognised feature in our homes. So why not make the most of your skirting boards and turn them into a design features like the dado rail?

Who said skirting boards had to be white? Different coloured MDF skirting boards & Architrave are all the rage nowadays and have taken over the natural wood look and close to taking over the white skirting board.

Go for Grey

Charcoal edgings can emphasise white walls especially in hallways and adds a pleasing boarder to any room also creating a sense of space and order.

The single colour

A single colour used on walls and skirting boards can create a strong, unfussy look and a sense of space making rooms appear larger. Even using white it will give a clean fresh, summery look. White is far more dramatic than cream and is unashamedly glamorous, studios or minimal too.

Light them up

Simple, robust skirting boards not only balance and create space, they can be embedded with LED lighting systems, if you require holes cut out in your skirting board then please call and speak to our team.

Rainbow bright

Add a dash of bright colour to your skirting boards this can be as valuable a design accessory and can match with your other accessories such as curtails, cushions, vase or candles etc. The vibrant ribbon of colour can uplift and create energy in the room. Nice in children’s bedrooms.

Night dark colours

Dark dramatic skirting boards are an effective look in a long, narrow hallway. Try and keep your walls and ceiling as pale as possible for the best effect. Cream is the most tranquil of colours it is fresh soft and calming.

Pick out pastels

This is a nice look on a straightforward skirting boards. Choose two of your favourite pastel colour, and match with some nice wallpaper who needs wallpaper when paint can look this fabulous?

One of the wonderful things about designing or enhancing our home is that you can take time to stop and have a look and consider what is important right at that very moment. People are beginning to spend more time at home and wanting to create a feeling of warmth and security. We are influenced by many factors when choosing new fixtures for the home, the age of the building, the style you like be it modern, traditional or period styles. It could be a minimal office or even a new swanky development we have a profile that will suit your style or project.

Why go through the hassle and cost of removing old skirting boards when you’re redesigning your home, or you may have just bought a new home with a look you just don’t like? A custom made skirting board cover will hide any unsightly old skirting boards, It’s like a piece of art. The board is cut at the right height and depth to accommodate the old skirting leaving a crisp new finish to your room. Won’t cost a lot but it will look grand and expensive.


To put the final finish to your products isn’t just about what paint colours or paint to use, flooring materials or accessories you choose. These things will play a part to your order and can be quite time consuming, so we decided to give each customer the option to choose a stress-free finish, let us do the coat for you, it will be naturally in our preferred colour of white, however your skirting boards can be finished in any colour or any finish.

Unprimed gives you the rawest state of board and unless you’re a builder or in the trade we wouldn’t advise that, it really would be hard work.

Priming your product would create the perfect canvas for your own choice of paint, in fact the primed finish looks deceivingly finished with its smooth white texture.

Our gloss finish gives a shininess or lustre look and the paint dries shiny like nail vanish a superb stress free quality product, highly recommended.

Eggshell finish is halfway between gloss and matte finishes with its sheer gloss glimmer. This is a very popular look and one of our customer’s favourites.

Ultimately, it’s all about the way you want your home, office or project to look. We’re here just here to add a helping hand and deliver your products to you just as you like them.

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