Respect for Animals has contacted all 452 Local Authorities in the UK asking them to adopt ‘no fur’ policies that would bring an end to the sale of real fur at local markets – including Christmas markets - in their jurisdictions.

All the Local Authority (LA) responses can be found on a new webpage, launched today, which gives each LA a star rating. An authority which allows the sale of fur and has no policy receives no stars while one refusing to allow the sale and having a strong ‘no fur’ policy has been given 4 stars. 5 stars will be awarded to those who sign up to the new ‘Fur Free Markets’ scheme being launched today.

There is clear evidence that market stalls are now a significant way in which real fur is being sold in the UK – often without consumers realising it.

There is no legislation requiring real fur items to be labelled as ‘real fur’ and it is clear that people are buying real fur thinking it is fake.

The sale of real fur pom pom hats has become widespread and these items are often to be found on sale at Christmas markets.

Mark Glover, Respect for Animals campaigns director, says: ‘We have become increasingly aware and alarmed by reports of real fur items being sold at street markets, especially Christmas markets  around the country. Much of this fur is not labelled as real fur and many consumers would be horrified if they had bought these items in the belief they were buying fake fur. Our new campaign for ‘Fur Free Markets’ is already creating a lot of interest within local councils and some already have strong anti-fur policies. We are confident it will help end this part of the cruel and unnecessary fur trade.’


For more information please call 0115 9525440 or 07850 768337

The new Fur Free Markets webpage can be found at

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Respect for Animals is the UK’s leading anti-fur organisation. It led the campaign that ended fur farming in the UK and was at the forefront of successful campaigns to ban the import of dog and cat fur and the products from commercial seal hunts into the European Union.

Approximately 100 million animals are killed each year just for their fur.

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