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Liverpool Victoria, Which?’s Insurance Provider of the Year 2017 prides itself on their customer service ethos. After winning YouGov’s Most Recommended Insurer for the fifth year running, it is evident to see that the brand focus on making the consumer experience as human as possible for its six million customers.

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Last year, the company embarked on a digital reform across the entire brand, which was a big shift seeing as until then, Liverpool Victoria communicated through one-to-one interactions over the phone. The brand made sure it kept the same identity within a digital landscape by introducing the addition of live chats and self-service functions to the online experience. This introduction has not replaced the human touch; for those best served by human interaction, that option is still available to customers. 

As the digital revolution brings a disconnect between brands and consumers, personalised marketing firm, Citipeak Events have praised Liverpool Victoria for humanising the digital experience. With many businesses hiding behind automatic phone systems and service options on a website, Citipeak Events urge brands who want to capture the heart of their customers and win their loyalty to ensure there is a human element to the marketing strategy.

‘The ease and convenience that brands have using digital marketing strategies should not be traded off against building connections with customers on a human level – whether that is over the phone or face-to-face" said a spokesperson for Citipeak Events. ‘There are no shortcuts when it comes to building relationships with humans, so for brands looking to incorporate digital strategies, they must ensure it is personalised for the user in a way that builds a successful brand-customer relationship' added the spokesperson for Citipeak Events.

In-person, event-marketing strategies are the most effective marketing solution that brands can use to build human relationships with their customers, states Citipeak Events. With event marketing, brands can effortlessly build relationships and loyalty between the brand and consumer, in addition to it effectively being used to enhance digital campaigns.



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