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Saturday 12th May marked the date of this year’s annual sales and marketing industry awards. Attending the event were business owners and entrepreneurs from across the UK with keynote speakers flown in from the USA, Australia and South Africa.

Each year the awards take the time to celebrate industry achievements for individuals and companies with 2018 being no exception. Due to the recent industry boom, this year's ceremony was held at London’s Royal Festival Hall to accommodate the many attendees.

The significant changes in the strategies that brands use to market themselves to consumers have been driven primarily by the increased competition between businesses and the higher expectations that customers have from brands. 

The sales and marketing industry can remain competitive and relevant in 2018 because of how the industry has responded to and kept in-line with the changing needs of both clients and consumers.

Consumers today seek out a personalised buying experience, and brands look for a professional way to offer this. As 58% of marketers consider event marketing strategies as necessary for improving the customer experience, companies such as Citipeak Events can provide a tailored solution to brands looking to outsource their marketing requirements to professional companies that can drive results with a much higher ROI than media advertising. The services offered, and results generated by companies like Citipeak Events has caused a recent boom in the sales and marketing industry as more brands see the benefits that using an outsourcing solution can give them.

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Human interaction at in-person events has more impact over any celebrity endorsed TV advert or social media post because the professional marketer can build interest, educate the customer and provide a tailor solution for them. At event marketing sites, a level of trust is formed between the brand and consumer increasing customer loyalty and long-term business success.

For brands looking to outsource their sales and marketing needs to a professional firm, should visit to see how their services can help!


Citipeak Events specialise in direct marketing events designed to deliver a high ROI to their clients. For more information Follow @citipeakevents on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

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