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Over the last few years 'on demand' viewing has become more available with the ability to skip through ad breaks.  Businesses that have in the past heavily invested in TV adverts are pulling back as they are not receiving the same return on their investments.  Citipeak Promotions Ltd outline this has resulted in the decrease of TV advertising. This $80 billion industry is suffering as brands are looking to new ways of marketing their products and services to customers.

As the viewing of TV adverts decreases the demand for direct marketing is rising.  This is due to its guaranteed return on investment by companies such as Citipeak Promotions Ltd.  In the UK, companies attribute on average 23% of their total sales to direct marketing, rising to 32% in the travel and leisure sector ( ).

Outsourced marketing companies such as Citipeak Promotions Ltd, based in London Bridge, bring many benefits to brands that traditional marketing methods such as TV adverts are unable to achieve.   ‘It is a great tool in building customer relationships because there is direct communication involved and it also reduces costs whilst increasing the speed and efficiency of sales’ said Nick Johnson, managing director of Citipeak Promotions Ltd. ‘Direct marketing is also tangible, so we are able to guarantee a positive return on a brands investment’ adds Nick Johnson.    

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) predicts a 7% growth in the direct marketing industry at the same time as record unemployment levels in the UK.  Direct marketing is not only beneficial for brands looking to advertise but also for people looking for employment.  At the end of 2011, the total number of people employed in direct marketing was 530,000 and this is expected to rise by the end of 2012.  The telecoms and utilities industries are expected to add 23% more direct marketing personnel ( in the New Year. ‘It is fantastic that employment levels in direct marketing are on the increase. The direct marketing industry will help tackle unemployment levels as the industry welcomes new workers who are motivated and looking for a challenge’ said Nick Johnson of Citipeak Promotions Ltd.  

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