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In today’s current economic climate more and more businesses are looking to cut down on costs. One way of ensuring company costs are kept low is to outsource to direct sales and marketing firms, such as Citipeak Promotions Ltd. This is becoming increasingly popular for blue chip clients.

Highlighted by the graph (above right), the percentage of marketing that is being outsourced by companies is rising. In February 2010, only 1.8% of marketing was being outsourced by companies. This grew by 7.5% over 18 months and in August 2011 it reached 9.3%.

Outsourcing is any task, operation, job or process that could be performed by employees within an organization, but is instead contracted to a third party for a significant period of time.
Citipeak Promotions Ltd based in London Bridge, is an outsourced direct marketing company set up in early 2010 by Nick Johnson.  ‘Many large companies manage traditional forms of marketing such as TV, Radio and press internally.  However the future is looking towards outsourcing direct forms of marketing or face-to-face sales’ said Nick Johnson, MD of Citipeak Promotions Ltd. ‘This is because it is proving more and more popular in the current economy, as it is enabling companies to grow and expand’ adds Nick Johnson.

Companies are looking to outsource their sales and marketing to companies such as Citipeak Promotions Ltd for a variety of reasons.  Firstly, companies do not have the expertise to perform key marketing tasks and secondly companies can’t produce the same function at the same low price as they can outsource it because the provider has scale, scope, and experience. 

Citipeak Promotions Ltd is a key company in this growing trend of outsourcing sales and marketing. ‘At Citipeak Promotions, we offer our clients a cost effective and reliable source of selling & marketing products and services to new and existing customers’ said Nick Johnson of Citipeak Promotions Ltd. ‘Citipeak Promotions Ltd has helped to increase this trend since early 2010, and we have big targets for 2013 that will help fuel an even bigger growth in the percentage of marketing that is being outsourced by companies’ adds Nick Johnson.

This upwards trend is surely only going to increase in future years. There is an ever increasing demand for direct sales and marketing firms for companies to outsource to and small business like Citipeak Promotions Ltd will continue to reap the benefits.


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