Citipeak Promotions Ltd was founded in early 2010 by Nick Johnson and the company is thriving in the competitive London market. Citipeak Promotions Ltd has not only gained their clients new customers, but has also increased customer loyalty through personalised face to face sales. By ensuring effective customer service, Citipeak Promotions have managed to increase customer retention by 17% for their clients.

If a business is to succeed then customer retention is crucial. Effective customer retention begins with the first point of contact a customer makes with the company, and should continue to blossom throughout the entire customer-business relationship.

Here at Citipeak Promotions Ltd, we aim to exceed customers’ expectations so that they become loyal supporters of the brand we are promoting. Our target is to acquire large numbers of customers while maintaining high customer retention for our clients. We are very happy with how we have kick-started 2013’ said Nick Johnson Managing Director of Citipeak Promotions Ltd.  London is a highly competitive market but that’s what I love about it. You get challenged everyday but this only drives me to make certain that the company grows and is successful both for us and our clients’ added Nick Johnson.

Direct marketing naturally supports good customer retention. This is because face to face sales personalises the process for new and existing customers. As direct sales and marketing strategies become increasingly popular and sought after, more business will no doubt turn to out-sourced marking companies such as Citipeak Promotions Ltd in the future.

Citipeak Promotions Ltd will continue to monitor their retention rates against customer acquisitions numbers in the coming months. The firm forecast results for the 2nd quarter of 2013 to improve by a further 6% in line with their target of 22% for the year.

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