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Spain’s second-largest city after Madrid, for many travellers Barcelona is high up on their bucket list. Here, where natives speak both Catalan and Spanish and where many cultural traditions are traced back by centuries, there is a strong sense that Barcelona doesn’t need to try hard to prove its identity.

Barcelona has seen many fascinating transformations in its time. From its origins as a Roman coastal town to its emergence as an important medieval trading port,through to its suppression by Bourbon troops during the 18th century, historical ups and downs have made Barcelona the cutting-edge and creative city it is today.

From summer 2013, City Travel Review is extending its range of travel writing programmes to include Barcelona as its newest destination. As well as running already established projects in Berlin, Edinburgh, Madrid and Lyon, CTR hopes to achieve similar success with its latest project, which will take place between 21st July – 11th August 2013.

Participants in the programme will gain full experience of Barcelona’s unique history, culture and lifestyle while creating a travel guide about the city. They will have the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of the guides production, from the research and writing to the editing, photography and layout.

Additionally, unique to the Barcelona programme is a series of culture classes designed to cover a range of aspects, including language, cultural differences,history, art and architecture, etc.

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