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Pinney Talfourd LLP act for Banning Dental Group, with Senior Associate Keeley Miller recently completing an Agreement for Lease and Lease of the new premises. She was invited to the opening day her client’s new surgery on Saturday 27th April and was stunned by the level of thought and detail that had been put into the fit out and branding of their new practice in Ealing Road, Brentford.

Banning Dental Group are a consortium of talented dental professionals who want to create a positive experience for every patient attending their practice. Their vision is to change the perception of dentistry – starting with the education of young children.

Banning Dental Group are inviting children to meet with a hygienist at a young age to talk about oral health and ensure they enjoy their first trip to the practice. A very cleverly positioned cape on the wall of one of the dental rooms for photo opportunities encourages them to be brave and act as a superhero during their visit.

Any new patient at the surgery will have the option to use technology to check in or to speak to one of two front of house staff. The waiting area is a large, calming and open space where you can order a coffee with a personalised print in the foam! On Keeley’s tour of the clinic she was shown the advanced technology that the practice will utilise, including a scanner for taking teeth impressions, a CT scanner for incredible x-rays and a 3D printer which can make new teeth while you wait!

In addition to embracing technology they are also keen to promote sustainable products in the clinic. They have teamed up with Swedish brand The Humble Co., offering bamboo toothbrushes which have been designed by dentists. For each toothbrush sold the company will give a brush to a child in need as well as providing education to them about oral healthcare.

Director Amir Hosseinzadeh extended his thanks to Keeley at the open day saying “We needed a professional whom we could trust to progress the legal work to allow us to focus on this project. You have become an extended part of our team”. Keeley was delighted to be invited to the launch event and looks forward to working with the Banning Dental Group healthcare professionals for many years to come.

Banning Dental Group are now open at Vale Court, Ealing Road, Brentford TW8 0LN. Call 020 8017 5869 or visit their website for more information.

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